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Pussy Eating Lessons

Exchange student Zoe Lark has just come to America, and she is staying with house mother, MILF Jessie Reines. Jessie cannot stand it when Zoe tries to go out dressed like an Asian whore, and Zoe has already been spanked for it. Now, Jessie has decided to teach Zoe how to be a proper whore if she is going to dress like a whore. Jessie lays Zoe on her bed, has her take off her skimpy clothes, and gets to work munching on Zoe's shaved muff. Jessie licks and sucks Zoe's clit, then puts a finger in Zoe's tight pussy to finger fuck her to orgasm. After Zoe cums, Jessie has Zoe get between her legs and starts to teach Zoe how to eat pussy. Jessie has Zoe first lick her pink pussy, then suck on her pussy lips and clit, then alternate licking and sucking. At first, Zoe does a bad job, but with Jessie's attentive instruction, Zoe finally gets Jessie off. Jessie grabs Zoe and tells her she is doing a great job with her pussy eating lessons, but that is still MUCH MORE to learn...

MILF Pussy Girl/Girl Fingering Lesbian Reality Asian Pussy Eating

Featuring: Zoe Lark

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Popping In Stilettos

Dezi Rae LOVES playing with her balloons of all sizes and all colors! After she masturbates in her balloons, her favorite thing to do is pop them, one by one, enjoying the burst of the latex and the sharp popping sound. Watch her squeeze each air-filled balloon with her sharp stilettos until they burst one after another. She pushes her 36-inch pink balloon against the ceiling to stand on it with her high heels until it pops, latex fluttering down to cover Dezi and the bed. Giggling, she finishes popping all the balloons in her room, then lays back smiling on the bed, completely satisfied.

Fetish High Heels Red Heads Newcomers Solo Female Balloon Balloon Popping

Featuring: Aglaea Productions

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Mommy JOI Handjob

You are having a really HARD time with all of your unexpected erections and you don't know to whom to turn! So, you wander into Mommy's bedroom where she is reading in her short shorts and purple crop top to see if she can help you out. She takes one look at you and invites you to lay down on her bed so that she can show you how to properly jerk off. Mommy gets between your legs and grabs onto your hard cock with both hands, telling you how to stroke your cock as she jerks you off. She swirls her hands around your shaft, gently squeezing your balls as well, and tells you just how to stroke your cock to get yourself closer and closer to cumming. Mommy takes out her perky fake tits as she strokes your cock, encouraging you to cum for her and give her a treat. She slides her lubed-up hands up and down your cock until you spurt cum for her. Mommy is the BEST teacher!

MILF Blondes Fake Boobs Incest Cumshot Handjob POV Taboo JOI Dirty Talk

Featuring: Kenzie Foxx, Nicky Rebel

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A Red Ass & A Red Pussy

Asian exchange student Zoe is all dressed up to go out - like a slut! She is wearing a bralette and a short, short skirt with NOTHING on underneath it. Jessie, Zoe's host mother, has a few choice words about that. She takes Zoe over her knee, lifts up Zoe's skirt to reveal creamy bare buttocks, and commences to teaching Zoe a lesson about what to wear and what not to wear in America. Jessie has Zoe count (IN ENGLISH!) her bare-handed spanks, each one leaving a pretty red mark on Zoe's ass cheeks. She tells Zoe about how Zoe will be inviting trouble if she goes out in the outfit Zoe is wearing, that all the American boys will see her as a slut and treat her as a slut. Jessie spreads Zoe's ass cheeks to reveal a dripping pussy from her punishment, and Jessie decides to help Zoe learn how to use that pussy. She starts with rubbing Zoe's clit, then dips first one finger then another into Zoe's warm, wet, tight pussy. Jessie finger fucks Zoe to orgasm, then spanks her more before sending Zoe to her room to get more education about using her pussy...

MILF Fetish Older Woman Pussy Girl/Girl Fingering OTK Spanking Reality Asian

Featuring: Zoe Lark

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Tittyfucking My GF

I've always wanted to tittyfuck my girlfriend. It has long been a fantasy of mine. The idea of rubbing my hard cock in between her large, soft breasts gives me shivers down my spine. Now that I have a dick, I can live out my fantasy! I snuck into her room while she was in bed, began oiling up her huge tits, soaking her thin, white top, and began caressing them. Her tits drive me absolutely knockers! I peel off her top and whip out my dick and start sliding it in between her boobs. The sensation is out-of-this-world! Thrusting and heaving, my cock begins to tingle and I let out a thick load down her neck. I continue humping and raring toward cumming again - this time an even more powerful orgasm. I spray her right into the face. Her eyes open as she gags on the spray of splooge now cascading down her face and chest.

MILF Fetish Newcomers Cumshot Titty Fucking Girl/Girl Dildo Futanari Big Tits Asian

Featuring: Sherry Stunns

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Play With My Feet

I love playing with my feet when I masturbate. My toes can be so sensitive, so I especially like sucking on them when I'm fingering my wet pussy. You know what I'd really like to do? I'd love to play with my feet on your DICK. I bet you'd like that as well. Cum here and let me get you off with my sweet, soft soles. When you're ready, I want you to cum all over my tiny and tasty little toes.

Masturbation Fetish Feet Newcomers POV Foot Fetish JOI Asian Stockings

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Saving My Uncle

I was so pleased to see Uncle Jack, but I guess my outfit sorta freaked him out. He had a heart attack the moment I walked into the room! I tried doing CPR. I tried mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Nothing seemed to be working! Just then, it dawned on me! Uncle Jack LOVES blowjobs! I carefully pulled down his shorts and shoved his cock in my mouth. Licking, sucking, slurping, and gagging, slowly Uncle Jack started to come to; but he's still so weak, so I guess I'll have to make him cum, too. "I know what to do, Uncle Jack!" I proclaimed. I stripped off my bottoms and hopped on top of Jack, sliding his hard cock in my pussy. As I continued fucking him, his energy began to pick back up, and he was able to fuck me again like the uncle I remembered him to be. He then flips me over and starts thrusting deep inside me, and not long after he pulls out and shoots a nice load of cum all over my tits and stomach. "You saved my life!" he cheers; then slowly topples back into the bed to doze off. He needs to regain his energy. I'll leave him alone for a bit before I pester him for round two.

Hardcore Older Man Younger Woman Red Heads Taboo Pigtails

Featuring: Desiree Audri, Jack Moore

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Cumming On Mommys Balloon

It's my birthday! I love having balloons for my birthday. I also love getting blowjobs for my birthday. Fortunately my mom loves giving balloons and blowjobs! Mom fills my room up with balloons and surprises me with some sloppy head. She starts sucking my dick, then blows up a balloon to play with. She ties it tight, then starts rubbing my cock against the latex. She grins, wishing me a happy birthday again, then starts tapping my cock against the balloons before throating it. She gives a firmer grip onto my dick and starts stroking me off, then pops my load all over the balloon she blew up.

Blow Job MILF Deepthroat POV Taboo Balloon Balloons Non Pop

Featuring: Kenzie Foxx, Nicky Rebel

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Dezi vs Channy Lift and Carry

In this girl on girl lift and carry match, petite redhead Dezi Rae dominates Asian Channy Crossfire with plenty of lifting, licking, fingering and spanking. Don't miss out on plenty of cradle carries, bearhugs, fireman carries, and over the shoulder carries. Dezi loves throwing Channy around and it makes her giggle to spank Channy's tight ass and finger Channy's tight pussy. Dezi finishes up with throwing Channy around by posing victoriously then marching out of the room with Channy over her shoulder.

Fetish Red Heads Girl/Girl Fingering Spanking Lift And Carry Petite Asian Forced Kissing Face Licking

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Creampie For Auntie Helena

Nicky is horny, and the only way he knows how to fix that is to go find his Auntie Helena. He has an arrangement with her that if he ever needs to blow a load, she will help him out, and she gets to keep the cum! Nicky finds Auntie Helena napping in bed, totally nude, with her ass invitingly up in the air. He wakes her gently, and shyly asks for her help with his hard on. Helena tells him to take off his pants, then pulls her nephew towards her, opening her already-wet pussy for his hard cock. She pulls her nephew closer, having him plunge his cock deep inside her, moaning with pleasure. Helena hops on top of Nicky and rides him hard, then bends over doggy-style for him and has him fuck her from behind. She gets him more and more turned on and closer and closer to cumming until Nicky shoots a huge load of cum into his aunt's greedy pussy. Helena isn't done, however, and she has Nicky fuck her pussy more to push his cum deep inside her. She lays back, satisfied and tells Nicky he has been a good nephew...

MILF Doggy Style Boy/Girl Creampie Hardcore Pussy POV Taboo Hairy Cowgirl

Featuring: Helena Price, Nicky Rebel

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Mommy's Balloon Birthday Surprise

Today is your birthday and your mommy can't wait to show you the surprise that she has planned for you!  She wakes you first thing in the morning, strolling into your room in her tiny pink silk robe, which she almost immediately drops to reveal NOTHING underneath!  Mommy can't wait for your hard cock, and she wants to immediately get on her back and spread her legs for you so you can thrust your dick into her eager, wet pussy.  As you fuck her hot MILF pussy, Mommy blows up one balloon after another to add to your birthday celebration.  She wants to ride you, so she hops on top in cowgirl and starts bouncing on your young cock, leaning back so you get a full view of her bare pussy and big, fake tits.  Mommy lets you fuck her while she is on top and she can't help but cum as you hit just the RIGHT spot inside her pussy to make her whole body shake.  To return the favour, Mommy gets on her knees for you and sucks your cock and balls, taking time to tap your hard cock on her big, blue balloon, then Mommy strokes you off until you spurt cum all over her balloon and her shoulders.  "Happy birthday, son!" Mommy murmurs as she licks your cum off her balloon and fingers...

MILF Blondes Boy/Girl Hardcore Cumshot POV Taboo Balloon Dirty Talk Balloons Non Pop

Featuring: Kenzie Foxx, Nicky Rebel

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Auntie Helena Blows Me On The Balcony

When Nicky gets home from summer camp, his aunt Helena is watering her plants on the balcony - with NO PANTIES ON! Nicky spies on his aunt, bent over and bare ass showing, as she waters the plants, getting turned on more and more with each bend and sway. He clears his throat and Helena turns to scold him. She got a phone call from the summer camp director saying Nicky was bringing contraband (women's panties!) to camp and Helena wants to make sure this behaviour does not happen again. NIcky suggests that his aunt Helena should get him off so that he can stop fantasizing about her ALL THE TIME, so Helena pulls out her nephew's cock and starts to stroke. At his suggestion, Auntie Helena gets on her knees and puts Nicky's cock in her mouth, showing off years of oral expertise. She licks and sucks her nephew's cock and balls until he shoots his load into her eagerly waiting mouth. Helena spits out her nephew's load and paints her pussy with it, then goes inside to make some dinner...

Blow Job MILF Porn Star Ball Sucking Incest Older Woman POV Taboo Cum In Mouth Licking

Featuring: Helena Price, Nicky Rebel

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Get All The Milk Little Cow

Cute Asian cow Channy Crossfire has always wanted to have a farmer care for her who gives her ALL THE MILK! She is elated when you, her new farmer, decide to show her how to please you and to get every drop of your milk. Channy sucks and licks your hard cock, bobbing her sexy cow head up and down and jingling her sexy cow bell. She eagerly laps at your cock to get you to give her milk that she can taste. When you have had enough sucking and are ready for some fucking, you tell Channy to turn around and show off her pretty pussy so you can thrust your cock deep inside. You admire Channy's ass as she rides your cock, then she sucks it some more before hopping on top of you to go crazy on your cock. She bounces on your boner until you spurt out cum not once, but twice, and Channy can't help herself but to have a taste! She kneels between your legs to take your cock into her mouth for one final suck off before you cum a third time right on her tongue. Channy is so pleased to eat your cum over and over that she gifts you with a perfect Ahegao face, eyes crossing and pretty pink tongue out.

Blow Job Hardcore Cumshot POV Costume Cosplay Hentai Asian Ahegao Hucow

Featuring: Nicky Rebel

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Auntie Helena Jerks Me Into Her Panties

Auntie Helena, clad only in her silk robe and some lacy panties, finds me snoozing one day in her living room, and she surprises me by kneeling down to take my cock into her soft, oiled hands! She starts stroking my cock gently, talking to me about how she knows this is what I want, and how much she wants to play with me IF I agree to play with her in return. She is getting turned on by my young cock, and she strokes me harder and faster, begging me to cum inside her pretty pink panties. When I am close to cumming, Auntie Helena stands and pulls down her panties to make room for my cock so she can stroke my load out into her panties. Once I cum, she rubs my cum all over her pussy and pulls her panties back into place. She tells me she is going to lie down, and leaves me with confusion about what just happened... To be continued...

Porn Star Incest Older Woman Younger Man Cumshot Handjob POV Taboo Reality

Featuring: Helena Price, Nicky Rebel

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I Love The Feel Of Auntie Helena's Panties

Pervy Nicky has been staying every summer since he was little with his Aunt, Helena, and as he has grown older, he has become more and more interested in her. His Aunt is a hottie, and all he can think about is playing in her underwear drawer and imagining himself fucking her. Nicky sneaks into Helena's closet and starts going through her laundry basket, seeking some dirty panties to sniff and wrap around his throbbing young cock. He finds some pretty yellow thongs and takes them to the bathroom where he starts jacking off with them. Helena bursts in and berates him for stealing her underwear and being a perv, then throws a towel over his cock and storms out of the bathroom... To be continued...

MILF Porn Star Masturbation Incest Older Woman Younger Man POV Taboo

Featuring: Helena Price, Nicky Rebel

play-button 11:51

Date Night Gone Wrong

Channy is on a date with Nicky, and he thinks it is going alright until Channy gets him on the floor on top of her and insists that if he wants to get in her pants, he has to wrestle her first. Nicky agrees reluctantly. Channy proceeds to wrestle Nicky onto his back so she is on top, then pick him up kneeling in a tight cradle. He is amused at first by her domination, but Nicky soon realizes that Channy is seriously all about having her way with him, and not in a sexually gratifying kind of way. Channy picks Nicky up in cradles, over-the-shoulders, fireman carry's, and bear hugs, alternating her lifts with plenty of spanking, face licking, imposed kissing and biting. She eventually knocks Nicky out with a tight bear hug, slings him limp over her shoulder, and flexes her muscles.

Fetish Interracial FemDom Lift And Carry Wrestling Asian Forced Kissing Face Licking

Featuring: Nicky Rebel

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Futanari Tit Fuck 1080 MP4

Asian beauty Channy Crossfire has always wanted to fuck a pair of large tits with her Futanari cock, and she decides to try it out on her sleeping roommate, Sherry Stunns, one afternoon after watching some hot titty fucking porn and getting REALLY turned on! Channy creeps into Sherry's bedroom and climbs on top of her sleeping girlfriend, bottle of baby oil in hand. She pours the oil all over Sherry's big boobs on top of her white tank top, making the shirt totally see though, before lifting Sherry's top to reveal two huge, shining breasts, slick with oil. Channy starts to fuck Sherry's tits as Sherry snores lightly, getting so turned on by the sight of her cock between Sherry's tits that Channy shoots cum from her Futa cock all over Sherry's chest, then onto her neck and face. Sherry awakes with a start, confused by the sudden and unexpected facial! She then takes over from Channy, getting on her knees between Channy's legs and pouring oil all over her large tits and Channy's Futa cock. Sherry goes slowly up and down Channy's cock, then faster and faster until Channy cums from her dildo in huge spurts between Sherry's tits over and over again. For a first-time Futanari titty fucking fuck fest, this one was EPIC!

MILF Cumshot POV Titjob Titty Fucking Lesbian Dildo Futanari Big Tits Asian

Featuring: Sherry Stunns

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Facesitting Jerk Off With Dezi Rae

Dezi wants you underneath her NOW!  She puts you on the couch and sits on your face as she strokes your cock.  Nude except for her black stilettos, Dezi pushes her sweet pussy and ass into her good boy's face so his tongue can better reach all her sensitive crevices.  She moans as she rides his face and strokes his cock to reward him.  When he starts licking her pussy faster and more urgently, Dezi rides his tongue until she cums loudly all over his face.  To give him a prize for being such a good boy, Dezi jerks him off until he spurts cum all over his belly.  Dezi giggles with glee at her handiwork and starts to plan her next session with her good pussy eating boy...

High Heels Red Heads Newcomers Cumshot Handjob FemDom Face Sitting Smothering Pussy Eating

Featuring: Nicky Rebel

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My Stepsister Is Fucking HOT!

Lilly and Nicky's parents have just gotten married, throwing the two of them into the same household, and into close proximity with one another. Nicky can't help but spy on his new stepsister as she goes about her day, appreciating her petite teen body and youthful face with braces peeking out from behind red lips. One day, as Nicky is home alone, he hears Lilly in the shower moaning, talking about how she thinks her stepbrother is SO HOT. Nicky sneaks into the bathroom and sits outside the shower, stroking his cock to the sounds of his stepsister's moans. When she exits the shower, she finds him sitting with his hard cock in his hand, waiting for her to suck and fuck it. Nicky orders Lilly onto her knees, then puts his cock into her mouth and enjoys her oral skills. Once his cock is sopping wet from Lilly's hot mouth, Nicky slides it into her tight, wet pussy and fucks his stepsister six ways till Sunday, until he can't help but dump his cum deep inside her with forceful strokes.

Blow Job Boy/Girl Creampie Shower Hardcore Incest Teen Taboo Petite Braces

Featuring: Lilly Swagg, Nicky Rebel

play-button 10:46

Dezi Demolishes Channy

Dezi and Channy have an ongoing fighting relationship that gets very ... physical. They start with kissing and licking, wrestling and fingering, spanking and slapping. Then, Dezi, who is clearly the winner from their wrestling spat, starts to lift and carry Channy all over the room. She cradles Channy, kissing and licking her face, then throws her on the couch and spanks her, squeezing her ass cheeks firmly, then fingering her. Dezi picks up Channy in a fireman carry, over the shoulder, and more as she continues to kiss and lick Channy, fingering her pussy and spanking her tight ass. At the end, Dezi throws Channy over her shoulder and, after flexing with a sexy grunt, she carries Channy out of the room...

Fetish Red Heads Girl/Girl Spanking Lift And Carry Wrestling Asian Forced Kissing Face Licking Forced Stripping

Featuring: Aglaea Productions

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Wanna See Me Cum

Petite teen Selena can't wait to spread her legs to play with her tight, pink pussy, and she wants YOU to have a front row seat! She starts by flirting with you a little, taking out her Hitachi and her dildo, then gets to work. Selena spreads her pussy and dips in with her dildo, wet from being sucked in her warm mouth, then adds in her Hitachi to bring her closer and closer to cumming. Selena cums hard several times, squirting a little and shaking all over, as she pounds her pussy with her dildo. She lays back on the bed when she feels satisfied, thanking you for joining her in her playtime with herself!

Porn Star Masturbation Squirting Solo Female POV Teen Dildo Petite Hitachi Vibrator

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Your Wettest Fantasy

Your Asian girlfriend, Channy, knows that you have had a long, hard week so she decides to do something special for you. She gets a Jacuzzi suite for a stay-cation and decides to give you a wet tease and blowjob that you will NEVER forget! She has you sit near the Jacuzzi, then saunters in with no panties on and only a bra top. She dances into the tub and shows off her slim figure, wetting her dark hair and licking the faucet suggestively. Then, she has you come to sit on the edge of the tub so that she can begin your sloppy, deep throat blowjob. She devours your hard cock, taking it all the way into her throat while gagging, and vigorously sucks your balls. She whips herself into a cock frenzy, sucking hard and fast on your cock, moaning with pleasure, and looking deep into your eyes. When you are ready to cum, she happily opens her mouth while you stroke your load into it then she slowly drips it out into the Jacuzzi, enjoying playing with it...

Blow Job Boy/Girl Sloppy Blow Job Interracial Deepthroat POV Petite Hot Tub Gagging Asian

Featuring: Neil Stroker

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Balloon Whore Blows and Pops

Redheaded Dezi Rae is back as your little balloon whore and she wants to drain every last drop of your cum while popping her 25 12-inch pink latex balloons. She kneels in front of you with her balloon whore balloon and gets down to business, licking and sucking your hard cock with pleasure, taking her time to enjoy every last inch and the sound of her tight balloon. Dezi takes breaks from sucking your cock to pop one balloon, then another, then another, giggling with delight as each pink globe bursts in her small hands. Dezi gets back to sucking your cock, bringing you closer and closer to cumming, as she pops her balloons one by one. When you are ready to cum, Dezi leans back and lets you jerk off onto one of her smooth balloons, your white cum spurting over the pink balloon. Dezi then pops all the remaining balloons, being sure to take her time with each one, until she has popped all 25 pink balloons...

Blow Job Red Heads Newcomers Cum Play Cumshot POV Petite Balloon ASMR Pigtails

Featuring: Nicky Rebel

play-button 10:48

Getting A Leg Up

Dezi Rae and Channy love smooching each other, but what they love even more than that is wrestling with one another...  They get so turned on sitting on the couch making out that they tumble to the floor in a tangle of arms and legs and start trying to pin one another down.  Once one of them is pinned, the other proceeds to forced kiss, forced face lick, forced strip, and forced finger the other's pussy, all the while moaning in pleasure and grunting with exertion.  They play like this, taking time to spank one another's ass cheeks, until Dezi Rae emerges victorious and takes Channy in her arms to hold Channy close.

Fetish Red Heads Girl/Girl Fingering Wrestling Asian Forced Kissing Face Licking Forced Stripping

Featuring: Aglaea Productions

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Let Me Be Your Little Balloon Whore

Dezi Rae can't wait to get on her knees in front of you and beg to be your little balloon whore. She kneels, topless, looking up at you with big eyes, holding tight to her already inflated pretty pink balloon with "BALLOON WHORE" written in big letters upon it. She flirts with your already-hard cock a little, rubbing it with soft hands, before she takes it in her greedy mouth to suck as she rubs her tight latex balloon on her bare skin. She runs her fingers over the stretched surface of her balloon, creating lovely squeaks, and sucks your cock harder the more the balloon turns her on. Taking your cock out of her mouth for just a moment, Dezi rubs it all over the surface of her balloon, and taps the balloon with it, bringing you closer to cumming with tons of sensation. When you are almost ready to cum, she has you lay on her bed, surrounded by her colorful balloons, and strokes and sucks your cock until you cum in thick spurts all over her pink balloon. She rubs the cum around on the balloon then playfully licks it off...

Blow Job Red Heads Newcomers Cum Play Cumshot Handjob POV Petite Balloon Balloons Non Pop

Featuring: Nicky Rebel

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Beach Pickup Car Blowjob

It has been TWO DAYS since Channy has had some dick, and she is craving that hard cock! She is at the beach with her girlfriends and they decide to find a guy to invite to play in the back seat of their SUV. Channy spots a young hottie strolling through the parking lot and pulls up to him, rolling her window down. She asks him if he wants to join her for some fun, and as soon as he gets in the car, Channy gets to work putting her mouth in his already head cock over his shorts. Channy pulls his cock out so she can envelope it in her wet mouth and suck and lick every inch. As they drive, Channy gives him a sloppy wet blowjob, devouring his cock with her mouth. She gets him so excited and turned on that he spurts a thick load of cum into her mouth. She drips it out of her mouth down his cock then directs her girlfriends to take her plaything back to the beach...

Blow Job Sloppy Blow Job POV Petite Reality Cum In Mouth Beach Asian Car Backseat

Featuring: Nicky Rebel

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Mesmerizing My Slutty Sister

My sister can be such a bitch sometimes. Now, I have a way to get back at her. I found this awesome new mesmerizing app on my phone that will literally cause her to obey my every command! All I have to do is make her look at my phone. Here, I approached her as she was sitting in my favorite chair. I showed her the app, and she COMPLETELY froze up. I took things slowly at first. I positioned her into funny poses. Then, I made her get naked. I made sure to take plenty of pictures that I could blackmail her with. Then, I maybe took things a little too far when I made her suck my dick. But, I made sure to leave a thick load of cum on her face, and got the pics to show for it!

Blow Job Sloppy Blow Job Facials POV Teen Cock Worship Taboo Blackmail Mesmerize

Featuring: Nicky Rebel

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Handjobby Man

Lilly just loves having a man around the house to fix things. She loves it so much, that she always makes sure to take good care of them. As Jack tinkers around with getting a light bulb in, Lilly whips out his cock and starts stroking her soft hands along his shaft. Jack is mostly oblivious, but Lilly keeps tugging away. She alternates between hands and occasionally caresses with both, giving Jack a vigorous rub-down. With a sudden groan, Jack busts out several spurts of thick, white cum all over Lilly's pretty face. How many Jacks does it take to change a light bulb? Watch and find out!

Facials Alternative Cumshot Handjob Teen CFNM Braces

Featuring: Lilly Swagg, Jack Moore

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Sucking His Hardest Part

I love sucking on Daddy's thick cock. Nothing turns me on more than feeling his throbbing member slowly sliding into my mouth - to feel his head bulge through my cheeks and lick the pre-cum from the tip of his dick. Whenever he comes home, I'm already on my hands and knees, ready to serve him. I love getting slobber on it and shoving it to the back of my throat, then drinking his cum like the devoted whore that I am. Won't you cum and watch me?

Blow Job

Featuring: Lola Leda

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Stepsister Suckoff Surprise

Nicky is traveling through the area and stops by a hotel to get some rest. His sister, Dezi gets word that he's in town and decides to surprise him while he's resting. She sneaks into his hotel room, gets under the covers and starts sucking on his cock. Nicky awakens to the most incredible sensation and the sounds of suction. He lifts up the sheets to see his faithful stepsister blowing him. She smiles and they say their hellos and she gets right back to sucking his dick. She glides her tongue along the shaft and gargles his balls in her mouth. Nicky is getting increasingly more excited and tells her to undress. Nicky has her play with her pussy while he strokes his cock a little before he gives her back control of his dick and has her suck him off until he cums. He lets out one spurt after another all over her face and mouth. Dezi is totally delighted by the cummy mess, then notifies him before she leaves that their mother wants him to come by for dinner later.

Blow Job Sloppy Blow Job Red Heads Cumshot POV Taboo Petite

Featuring: Desiree Audri, Nicky Rebel