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Facefucking Her Piggy

Domina Paulina means business. And today's business is fucking her sissy's face. She takes out her shiny blue dildo and straps it on. She makes it clear to him that he forgot to clean her dick. So he gets on his knees and cleans her dick with his mouth like a good submissive bitch. Paulina is having fun getting her cock cleaned by her designated cock cleaner, but she prefers to get a little aggressive and slaps him around with her cock and her hand. Pity... she never likes to get her hands dirty.

Strap On Deepthroat Cock Worship FemDom BDSM

Featuring: Domina Paulina, Jordan Tyler

play-button 13:02

Dr Girlfriend Hot and Bothered

Join us for this sensational futanari cosplay of Dr. Girlfriend from The Venture Bros starring Mistress E as Dr. Girlfriend. Villainy gets her so hot & bothered! So hot, she might have to take out her MASSIVE dong! With a snap of her fingers, a cock appears between her legs. With an evil grin, she gleefully strokes her newfound cock until she cums all over herself. The Monarch could NEVER get her off like this!

MILF Cumshot Futanari Costume

Featuring: Aglaea Productions

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Stroke for Our Feet

We love when you stroke for our dirty little feet. We love teasing you, putting naughty thoughts in your head, making you unable to keep yourself from stroking your rock hard cock to our toes. Join me, Leilani Lei with girl-next-door Desiree Audri and play with yourself while we play with our feet! We love to tell you how we want you to handle your throbbing dick. We love to watch you cum!

MILF POV Foot Fetish JOI

Featuring: Leilani Lei, Desiree Audri

play-button 16:39

Mom Blows Me For My Date

I have a hot date coming up, and I'm super nervous. Good thing my mom can help out with that. She lurks into my room and sucks the cum out of my cock like a straw. She knows I want to be able to last long when I meet up with my girlfriend, and mother always knows best.

Blow Job MILF Blondes Porn Star Incest Cum Play Cumshot POV Taboo Cum In Mouth

Featuring: Nicky Rebel, Aglaea Productions

play-button 07:28

Desirees Dildorific Shower

Desiree loves getting frisky when she gets wet. She leaves a big blue dildo in her shower for every time she needs to get clean - it's like she's trying to clean herself inside & out! She steps into the shower and flicks the dick with her finger before turning the water on. Teasing the dildo, she then gets down on her knees and starts throating it, gagging on the big, blue boner. She gets up and turns around, turning her ass to the cobalt cock, slowly easing it into her pussy. She starts bucking against the dick suctioned cupped to the wall, fucking herself furiously until she sits herself down and goes to town on her wet slit. She glides the massive turquoise stiffy deep in & out of her craving cunt until she shakes and shutters in pleasure.

Shower Masturbation Red Heads Newcomers Pussy Solo Female Dildo Shaved Dildo Sucking

Featuring: Desiree Audri

play-button 10:16

Mom Teaches Me The Best Way To Stroke

Nicky is naked in bed with his girlfriend's mom, Leilani. She is teasing his cock, stroking it lightly, then firmly, then fast, then slow. She is having a great time when her daughter, Kitty, walks in the door and screams. She is shocked at the scene before her, but her mom convinces her to join them on the bed and let her show Kitty some tricks to satisfy her man. Kitty and Leilani oil up their hands and stroke Nicky's hard cock, paying close attention to the sensitive spot underneath the head of his cock. They take turns with the stroking and ball fondling, getting Nicky all worked up, until Kitty takes control and strokes out a huge load of cum from Nicky's throbbing cock.

MILF Porn Star Threesome Incest Cumshot Handjob Taboo CFNM Oil

Featuring: Leilani Lei, Kitty Quinn, Nicky Rebel

play-button 05:14

Hunting For Frest Meat : Cigarette In Hand

Dominatrix MILF Sherry Stunns is at the bar at the swinger's resort, and she is smoking her cigarette and looking for a young innocent girl to lure home and play with. She surveys her domain, taking long drags on her cigarette, and muses about who she will pick up. She tells the bartender to make some extra strong drinks when she finds her prey, to facilitate her game. Watch Sherry POV as she ashes her cigarette and prepares for the hunt...

MILF Fetish Solo Female Brunette Lesbian FemDom Outdoors Smoking Gloves Leather & Latex

Featuring: Sherry Stunns

play-button 11:04

Our Daughter Is Stuck On Cat

The family is at home on the couch, bored because there is nothing to do and nothing on television. Dad Jack announces that he has arranged for some entertainment, but what could it be? The youngsters muse about a stripper, but it turns out to be A CLOWN! Boppy the Clown, to be exact! Boppy comes in and starts some cheap parlour tricks, which elicits laughter from Nicky and Desiree, who think they are way too old for clowns. So, Boppy decides to take it up a notch by trying clown magic to turn daughter Desiree into a cat ... which actually works! Desiree rolls on the floor as a horny cat, furiously fingering her shaved pussy for her entire family to see, then licking and rubbing on her mom, dad, and brother. They insist that Boppy change Desiree back, but he cannot. Desiree puts on quite a show for her family with her masturbation and moaning, but they decide that they cannot keep her at the house. They send her home with Boppy the Clown for safe keeping.

Masturbation Pussy Fingering Taboo Reality Shaved Halloween Costume Clown Comedy

Featuring: Desiree Audri, Sherry Stunns, Nicky Rebel, Jack Moore

play-button 10:02

Getting My Job Back

Sherry is PISSED! She got canned from her job, meanwhile her boss gets comfy in his quaint home. Sherry storms her way to his place and shows him how BADLY she wants the job. She aggressively tackles her boss down, then clutches his cock in the soles of her feet, doing long strokes up and down his shaft. Interchanging between a footjob and handjob, she gets him to BUST all over her feet. Did we mention she got her job back?

MILF Fake Boobs Handjob Footjob Wrestling BBW Face Sitting

Featuring: Sherry Stunns, Nicky Rebel

play-button 12:26

Tiny Dick Sissy Slut

Mistress E is masturbating in Her boudoir, enjoying Her body and Her time alone, and you are spying... you see Her fingering Her pussy and using Her vibrator until She cums with ecstasy, finger-fucking Herself as She cums to make Herself squirt. She is lost in pleasure until She opens Her eyes and sees you spying... She scolds you strictly, then starts taunting you for your pathetic cock and pitiful state of manhood. She humiliates you about the size of your tiny cock and your inability to please a real woman, then takes out a BIG black cock (called "Harriet") and compares your tiny pin prick cock to Harriet. She puts you in your place, which is beneath Her perfect heel, and explains your purpose is to serve a Goddess. She beckons you closer, closer, then pushes you away. She then sends you off to prepare yourself for a session of painful pleasure with the Mistress and Her strap-on...

MILF Blondes Lingerie Squirting Solo Female Foot Fetish FemDom Humiliation Hitachi SPH

Featuring: Aglaea Productions

play-button 14:32

Kittys Favourite Kind Of Cream

Sexy kitten Desiree Audri is fingering her pussy in your bed as you stroke your cock, and she is having fun, but pretty soon she is eyeing your rock hard rod with pleasure and looking like she wants to get her paws and mouth on it. She crawls over to you and takes your cock in her pretty paws, stroking it, then puts her sexy kitten mouth on your cock, licking and sucking with glee. She licks all over your cock then takes it all into her mouth, deepthroating your cock and gagging on it. Showing off her pretty black toenails, she sucks your cock faster and harder, then strokes it with her paws, until you cum all over her feet, toes, and your belly. Like a good little kitten, Desiree licks all your cum up like cream, off of her toes and off of you.

Blow Job Deepthroat Cumshot POV Pet Play Halloween Costume Licking Gagging

Featuring: Desiree Audri, Nicky Rebel

play-button 07:55

Taste My Ashes

You are Domina Paulina's slave, and you are LATE to serve the goddess. She has just had to light her own cigarette and she is not happy about it! She tells you to get on your knees and proceeds to verbally humiliate you and berate you for your tardiness. She has you lick her heels and boots to assert her authority over you, then has you taste her glorious ashes and inhale her smoke. You will not be tardy to light Domina Paulina's cigarette again!

MILF Solo Female Brunette FemDom Smoking Fishnets Shoe & Boot Worship Boot Domination Russian

Featuring: Domina Paulina

play-button 09:16

Oink Oink Little Piggy

Witch Domina Paulina and Jordan Tyler met at a Halloween party, and he came home with her assuming that she wished to fuck ... But, no such luck for the hapless Jordan Tyler, as he has entered the witch's lair and must do her will. She puts him into a trance utilizing her amazing all natural tits and witchy wiles and has him become like a little piggy. He oinks on command, he sucks cock on command, and he oinks WHILE sucking cock on command. All the while, Domina Paulina humiliates Jordan for being such a pathetic little slut. Domina Paulina sends him to breakfast where he is commanded to oink every time he sees bacon on his plate like a good little piggy.

MILF Newcomers FemDom Humiliation Russian Halloween Costume Trance

Featuring: Domina Paulina, Jordan Tyler

play-button 08:09

Pretty Pussy Plays With Her Pussy

Kitten Desiree is enjoying a cigarette, and enjoying her pussy. While slowly taking a drag, she rubs her fingers against her sopping wet clit. She inhales deeply and sighs faintly while she stuffs her kitten-hole with two fingers, squeezing out a squirt. This little kitty is getting herself all wet.

Masturbation Red Heads Newcomers Squirting Fingering Smoking Petite Halloween Costume

Featuring: Desiree Audri

play-button 16:07

Knocking On Doors And Stroking Cocks

You are at home alone looking out the window when your doorbell rings. Who could that be? You go to the door, musing who could be there, and find a petite young redhead in a short sundress standing outside. Confused, you open the door. She looks at you with relief and says she is knocking on doors around the neighbourhood giving out the best handjobs and wants to stroke YOUR cock. But, you are reluctant because you are a virgin and have never even touched a tit. She puts your hand on her natural breast then comes inside, and walks with you over to your couch. She has you lay down and pulls down your shorts, then starts to stroke you using her spit as lubrication. Quickly your cock gets very hard, and you hand her some lube to facilitate the handjob. She strokes and strokes, taking off her dress and panties so she can be naked like you, until you explode in your very first orgasm from a woman's hand all over her hands. She goes to your bathroom to wash up then takes her leave.

Red Heads Newcomers Cumshot Handjob POV Petite Reality

Featuring: Desiree Audri, Nicky Rebel

play-button 07:10

Sexy Solos : Vivi Wolf

Get up close and personal with amateur all natural Latina Vivi Wolf as she furiously fingers her pussy in a chair, her natural tits heaving as she makes herself moan in pleasure.

Tattoos Masturbation Newcomers Latina Solo Female Brunette Fingering

Featuring: Vivi Wolf

play-button 14:52

Little Sister Manhandles Big Brother And His Man Meat

Desiree and Nicky are new step-siblings - their parents just got married two days ago - and they are getting accustomed to living together. Desiree is in her room, feeling horny, and getting ready to masturbate with her vibrator while watching some porn, when her step-brother comes in. Nicky is shocked and tries to leave, but Desiree reminds him that he is only her STEP-brother and that Nicky should join her for some fun. Nicky is having none of it, and tries to escape the room, but Desiree picks him up and throws him on the bed. She cradle carries Nicky, throws him over her shoulder, and fireman carries him, until he eventually gives up trying to escape. Desiree cradles him in her lap as she begins to stroke his rock-hard cock, taking off her sports bra and licking Nicky's face and mouth. Nicky tries to run out of the room again, and again Desiree lifts him and carries him back to lay on the bed. She sits on top of Nicky and removes her yoga shorts so she can finger her pussy.  He is so close to cumming - to his horror- and Desiree strokes his cock faster and faster until Nicky explodes with huge spurts of cum in Desiree's hair and on his torso.  Desiree picks Nicky up and carries him out of the room after they both cum to assert her power over him.

Porn Star Fetish Red Heads Newcomers Cumshot Handjob Taboo Lift And Carry Wrestling Licking

Featuring: Desiree Audri, Nicky Rebel

play-button 07:30

Taking Your Power By Tickling

Witch Domina Paulina has submissive Jordan just as she wants him - bound to her bed and unable to escape. She delights in taking men's power by tickling them all over - their cock, balls, feet, and torso. Domina Paulina flirts with her submissive before torturing him from head to toe - smothering, nipple pinching, ball slapping, and tickling. At Halloween-time, witches enjoy preying on unsuspecting men and using them to gain power, and Domina Paulina is just such a witch!

MILF Fetish Brunette Tickling Bondage FemDom Russian Halloween Costume

Featuring: Domina Paulina, Jordan Tyler

play-button 08:55

When Sex Spells Go Wrong

It's Halloween-time, and witch Sherry is contemplating bringing herself a nice cock to play with during her upcoming party. She twirls the globe, looking for the best place to call a man from around the world, then decides instead she will just cast a spell and bring herself a cock! With great care and decorum, she casts what she believes to be the perfect spell - one that will bring her the BEST man and cock to with which to play! But when the magical smoke clears, she discovers that she has conjured a cock onto herself! A great big, hard Futanari cock! Interested, she begins to stroke her new cock, contemplating all the things she can fuck with it, and she starts to enjoy herself. She gets so into stroking her cock that she makes it cum all over her - twice! Hurriedly, she casts another spell to cause the Futa cock to disappear, leaving her in her natural state to enjoy her party.

MILF Fetish Cumshot Brunette Dildo Futanari Halloween Costume

Featuring: Sherry Stunns

play-button 09:11

The Witch Bitch Shrinks And Eats You

Domina Paulina is disappointed in you - you have gone trick or treating and eaten TOO MUCH candy! She scolds you, humiliates you, and puts a spell on you that causes you to shrink into a tiny version of yourself. Looking POV up at the witch bitch, you cower under her huge boots and her towering form. She opens her mouth wide to show you how nicely you will fit into her mouth when she is ready to EAT YOU. You back away, fearing her heels, but she keeps you at her feet, as if under a spell, and brings her shoes dangerously close to smashing your tiny form. After playing with you for a while, she picks you up and eats you in one bite!

MILF Fetish POV FemDom Shrinking Fetish Russian Halloween Costume Giantess Vore

Featuring: Domina Paulina

play-button 09:46

She'll Suck Out Your Very Soul

Do you dare to venture down the dark hallway to see what lurks at the end, shrouded in vape smoke and wearing red fishnet? If you dare, you will find a vampyress sensually sucking a big dildo, licking it up and down, and getting herself so excited that she begins to touch her shaved pussy. She fingers herself harder and faster until she cums while deepthroating the dildo, moaning loudly with pleasure. Enjoy the vape smoke she blows around and on her dildo before taking it into her mouth, and if you are brave enough, step closer still to see if she will suck out YOUR soul...

Masturbation Newcomers Solo Female Fingering Dildo Fishnets Halloween Vampire Dildo Sucking Costume

Featuring: Kitty Quinn

play-button 08:00

Domina Paulina : Smoking Hot Witch Bitch

Witchy Paulina loves her smoke breaks. Join her while she tells stories of her witchy exploits, from casting spells to shrinking and eating unsuspecting men. She takes drag after drag of her cigarette, telling frightening stories while still seducing and luring you with her delicious accent. You cannot resist her allure.

MILF Fetish Brunette FemDom Outdoors Smoking Russian Halloween Costume

Featuring: Domina Paulina

play-button 08:27

Getting The Patients Nut Out

Doctor Lei & Nurse Kitty find themselves in a pickle when a patient comes in needing to get a nut out. He states that he's been trying to cum for nearly THREE days! What on Earth can Doctor Lei & Nurse Kitty to do help this poor man!?! They take the matters into their own hands and set to jerk his nut out like real professionals. "Hallelujah!" the patient proclaims as cum cascades from his cock.

MILF Porn Star Threesome Fetish Cumshot Handjob Brunette Medical Naughty Nurse Doctor

Featuring: Kitty Quinn, Nicky Rebel

play-button 08:13

Suck My Boot Heels Like A Big Long Cock

Domina Paulina is sitting on her throne and is ready to train her slave, Jordan. She starts by having him caress and stroke her boots, then lick them from top to bottom, then suck on the stiletto heels just as if he were sucking a cock. She is preparing him to be fucked, but he must first worship her boots and feet and toes. She disciplines him with her heels digging into his nipples, then urges Jordan to continue with his worship of her most perfect boots, all the while humiliating him and degrading him, calling him "whore." At the end of Jordan's training, Domina Paulina orders him to prepare himself for his pegging while she naps...

MILF Fetish Newcomers Brunette FemDom BDSM Humiliation Shoe & Boot Worship Boot Domination Russian

Featuring: Domina Paulina, Jordan Tyler

play-button 05:26

Tits Out And Toes In The Sand

The sun is shining and Vivi wants to get a tan - with no tan lines! So she goes to the nude beach and lounges in the sun with her tits out and her toes in the sand. She takes lotion and covers her feet to ensure they are well-protected from the drying effects of the sand and salt water. She rubs the lotion between all of her toes and all over her wrinkled soles, then runs her toes through the sand, enjoying the sensation. Take a walk to the edge of the water with Vivi as she walks into the ocean to cool off and enjoy the waves, then lays on the sand and lets the water wash over her.

Newcomers Latina Foot Fetish Brunette Voyeur Outdoors Exhibitionist Wrinkled Soles Toes Public

Featuring: Vivi Wolf

play-button 08:42

The Best Way To Apply Sunscreen Is With Mommy's Tits

Nicky is in the hot tub, waiting for his girlfriend to come home so he can cum, when his mother, brunette cougar Sherry Stunns, comes out with her big tits out to sun herself. She joins her naked (and hard) son in the hot tub and starts rubbing oil on her huge knockers, as her son looks on with surprise. She then suggests that she help him protect his cock from the sun and applies oil to her son's hard cock with first her hands, then her tits. She gets really cozy with Nicky as she envelopes his cock in her tits and strokes up and down, up and down. Nicky is finally getting into it, and starts to fuck between his mom's tits as he gets closer and closer to cumming. When he is ready, he cums all over his mom's tits and she lovingly rubs his cum into her skin. Just then, his girlfriend comes home and finds the naughty mother and son in the hot tub, and is aghast! Sherry and Nicky think it best to leave the area ASAP before the angry girlfriend can inflict her punishment on them both.

MILF Incest Cumshot Titjob Titty Fucking Brunette Taboo Outdoors BBW Hot Tub

Featuring: Sherry Stunns, Nicky Rebel

play-button 07:01

Domina Paulina Smothers And Tickles Her Subby Pig

Domina Paulina has been playing with her faithful submissive, Jordan, all day, and, after a nice shower where she allowed him to bathe her, she is ready to play more. She ties Jordan to the bed, then mounts him and allows him to enjoy her ass in his face as she smothers him. She is having so much fun she decides to tickle him from his chest to his balls to his feet and everywhere in between. After sitting on his face more and sticking her fishnetted feet into his willing mouth, she leaves him tied to the bed to go out with her girlfriends for the evening.

Fetish Foot Fetish Brunette Tickling Bondage FemDom CFNM Face Sitting Smothering Fishnets

Featuring: Jordan Tyler, Domina Paulina

play-button 04:59

Rebel Riot Presents : Stella Jewel

Join Rebel Riot host Nicky Rebel as he gets Stella Jewel to bare all on her FIRST EVER porn shoot day!

Red Heads Newcomers Interview Podcast Petite Striptease

Featuring: Stella Jewel, Nicky Rebel

play-button 15:28

Not My Sister Sister

Vivi walks in on her stepbrother jerking off to porn and decides to join in - ultimately leading to a footjob and blowjob. Nicky is mesmerized that all this time he could've used his sister... ahem, stepsister to cum. Nicky is troubled though. Is it alright to do this with his stepsister? As Vivi insists, it's okay. She's not his *sister* sister; she's his stepsister. She plays with his cock with her feet, then puts it in her mouth, still clasping his dick with her toes. After fooling around for a while she jerks him off onto her feet, leaving a big, sticky mess all over her toes and the sheets.

Blow Job Porn Star Ball Sucking Incest Newcomers Latina Cumshot Handjob Footjob Taboo

Featuring: Vivi Wolf, Nicky Rebel

play-button 09:03

Daddys Little Kitty Cums On Cream Cookies

Daddy, your little girl wants to play, and she is VERY horny! She lays back among her stuffies, munching on cream cookies, and grasps her rock hard Futa cock then starts stroking... Kitty wants you to watch, Daddy, as she strokes her cock with her perky all natural tits out of her tiny top. She strokes harder and harder until her dildo explodes with streams of cum all over her plate of cream cookies. She wants them COVERED for you so she can show you what a GOOD girl she is, so she cums on her plate of cookies three times. They will taste extra good when your little Kitty eats every last bite off her plate like a good little girl!

Fetish Newcomers Cumshot Brunette Dildo DDLG Futanari Food

Featuring: Kitty Quinn